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  1. 12 ASC company leaders to know

    Here are 12 prominent leaders of ASC companies to know:  By Rachel Popa -
  2. ASC supply chain tip of the day: Weigh the benefits of aggregators vs. GPOs

    Working with group purchasing organizations and aggregators can help ASCs cut supply chain costs, according to an article in Medline's Outpatient Outcomes magazine.  By Rachel Popa -
  3. Study identifies 5 areas of safe injection practice improvement for ASCs, primary care providers

    Research published in the American Journal of Infection Control detailed areas ASCs should target to improve safe injection practices  By Rachel Popa -

Expanding pharmacy services plays a strategic role for hospitals around the country today

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  1. 5 ways ASCs can improve their bottom line through supply chain management

    Poorly managed supply chain operations can negatively affect an ASC's bottom line through a surplus of expired supplies, as well as lost and incorrect orders, according to Medline.  By Rachel Popa -
  2. Physicians dissatisfied with bundled payments, value-based care and more: 3 report findings

    A new report from The Doctors Company surveyed more than 3,400 physicians on their satisfaction with value-based care models, bundled payments and more.  By Rachel Popa -
  3. Patient satisfaction is high for outpatient shoulder arthroplasty at ASCs: 4 study insights

    Research published in the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery assessed the safety and patient satisfaction of outpatient shoulder arthroplasty performed at ASCs.  By Rachel Popa -
  4. Outpatient surgery centers safe for single-level cervical total disc replacement: 3 study findings

    A study published in Spine investigated the adverse event profile of cervical total disc replacements performed in the outpatient versus inpatient setting.  By Mackenzie Garrity -

How does your organization measure outsourced agency performance?

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  1. Outpatient cervical disc arthroplasty at ASCs is safe, quicker than hospital settings: 5 study insights

    Research published in the International Journal of Spine Surgery examined the safety and efficiency of cervical disc arthroplasty in ASCs compared to hospital settings.  By Rachel Popa -
  2. Are your files organized? 3 unannounced survey preparedness tips for ophthalmic ASCs

    Compliance with CMS standards includes having survey-ready files, according to the Outpatient Ophthalmic Surgery Society.  By Rachel Popa -
  3. 4 factors ASC leaders should consider when replacing high-volume surgeons

    Whether a high-volume surgeon departs suddenly or as planned, ASC leadership will often feel pressured to find a replacement as soon as possible, according to Westchester, Ill.-based Surgical Information Systems.  By Rachel Popa -
  4. 6 anesthesiologists, pain physicians facing criminal charges for murder, fraud & more

    Here are six anesthesiologists and pain physicians recently facing criminal charges:  By Angie Stewart -
  1. Children's Hospital of Wisconsin expanding clinic for outpatient orthopedic services — 5 insights

    Wauwatosa-based Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is shifting its outpatient orthopedic services from Wauwatosa to Greenfield, Wis., BizTimes reports.  By Eric Oliver -
  2. Anthem's New Hampshire Pathway Network includes 87% of state's ASCs — Here's its latest move

    Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield New Hampshire's Pathway Network includes about 87 percent of the state's ASCs — and now, all but two hospitals in the state.  By Angie Stewart -
  3. Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists begins clinic expansion — 4 insights

    Green Bay, Wis.-based Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Specialists is breaking ground on its Green Bay clinic expansion Oct. 9.  By Angie Stewart -
  4. How pumpkins & baseball play into this Illinois ASC's staff engagement efforts

    Addison, Texas-based United Surgical Partners International affiliate Effingham (Ill.) Ambulatory Surgery Center is creative when it comes to staff engagement.  By Angie Stewart -
  5. Envision Healthcare (AmSurg) fights back on false billing claims & more — 8 ASC company key notes

    Here are updates on eight ASC companies and industry-relevant companies to note:  By Eric Oliver -
  6. 114 ASC benchmarks to know | 2018

    Here are 114 benchmarks on operations, finances and quality in ASCs gathered from several sources across the industry.  By Rachel Popa -
  7. 11 essential components of a successful ASC infection control program

    Relias Media outlined 11 essential components of a successful ASC infection control program.  By Rachel Popa -
  8. 5 areas of focus for ASC revenue cycle improvement

    Looking to give your ASC's bottom line a jolt? An evaluation of any of your center's revenue cycle functions could provide valuable insight into opportunities to make positive changes. Acting upon deficiencies will help achieve significant short- and long-term revenue gains and overall enhanced business performance.  By Angela Mattioda, Vice President of Revenue Cycle Management Services -
  9. ASC supply chain tip of the day: Create an accountability structure

    Lack of structure leads to a lack of focus and priority for ASC supply chain staff, according to Vizient, a healthcare management consulting company.  By Rachel Popa -

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