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  1. What 8 ASC leaders learned in the past year

    The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the migration of procedures to the outpatient setting, leaving ASC leaders balancing changes in both procedure volume and pandemic policy in the past year. 
  2. $5M ASC planned near University of North Florida

    Jacksonvilla, Fla., officials have granted permits for the buildout of a $5 million ASC near the University of North Florida, The Florida Times-Union reported July 11. 
  3. Minnesota ophthalmology practice leases office space for ASC

    Ophthalmology practice Ovo Lasik + Lens is leasing space for a surgery center and clinic in St. Louis Park, Minn., according to a July 10 LinkedIn post by Davis, a real estate firm.

Can endoscopic spine surgery be profitable in the ASC? Key considerations from an orthopedic surgeon

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  1. Average medical resident salary by year

    The average annual salary for residents is $64,000, according to Medscape's 2021 resident salary and debt report, with compensation increasing for the first six years of the program.
  2. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia names new ophthalmology chief

    The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia recently appointed Gil Binenbaum, MD, as its new chief of ophthalmology.
  3. ASC cash-pay price structure varies widely

    The healthcare industry is buzzing about a July 6 article in the Wall Street Journal reporting some hospitals charge the highest rates possible for uninsured and cash-pay patients while providing discounts to insurance companies. How do surgery centers structure payments for cash-pay patients?
  4. Controlling the 'paradigm of care' in ASCs: 1 CEO on balancing independence with profit

    The pandemic accelerated the quantity and complexity of procedures performed in ASCs, leading to an increase in partnerships and consolidation in the industry.

How Cedars-Sinai tapped change management principles to better inform surgical service line decisions

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  1. 2 Boston hospitals planning $400M+ suburban ASC expansion

    Two Boston-based hospitals are expanding ASC offerings to the suburbs through two $400 million projects — one with opposition from community and healthcare groups. 
  2. Gastro Health vs. GI Alliance vs. PE GI Solutions: 7 comparisons to know

    Private equity-backed Gastro Health, GI Alliance and PE GI Solutions are major players in the gastroenterology industry.
  3. 10 more ASC administrators to know

    Here are 10 ASC administrators to know:
  4. ASC independence has 'seen its better days,' according to one exec

    For some leaders, independence is critical to ASC success — fostering adaptability, innovation and cost containment. For others, independence is unsustainable in the current market. 

OR optimization: Executive insights from Methodist Dallas Medical Center

Financially sustainable surgical excellence — Lessons learned from Methodist Dallas Medical Center. Click here to attend the live virtual discussion.
  1. Texas ASC building sold

    Montecito Medical Real Estate acquired a medical office building housing an ophthalmology ASC in San Antonio, Texas, according to a July 8 news release. 
  2. UT Medical Center's ASC reaches major construction milestone

    Knoxville-based University of Tennessee Medical Center's new ASC, the Advanced Orthopaedic Institute, reached a major construction milestone.
  3. Virginia hospital opens renovated surgery center

    Johnston Memorial Hospital in Abingdon, Va., held a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the opening of its renovated surgery center, NBC affiliate WCYB reported July 8.
  4. Biden scrutinizes hospital mergers, supports price transparency with exec order

    President Joe Biden signed an executive order July 9 addressing several issues important to healthcare providers and insurers.
  5. New York pain physician gets 17 years in prison for role in kickback scheme

    Gordon Freedman, MD, a New York City-based pain physician, was sentenced to more than 17 years in prison July 8 after being convicted of accepting kickbacks and admitting to prescribing controlled substances unnecessarily.
  6. How important is independence to ASCs?

    With increased industry consolidation and almost 70 percent of physicians reporting being employed by hospitals at the end of 2020, ASC leaders have differing opinions on the importance of independence. 
  7. 12 insights on cardiologist net worth, debt & compensation

    Seven percent of cardiologists have a net worth of more than $5 million, according to Medscape.
  8. 4 updates in outpatient spine surgery

    A spine surgeon's upcoming ASC and three more updates in the outpatient spine surgery space reported since June 1:
  9. ASCs get better patient experience ratings than hospital outpatient departments, Leapfrog finds

    Patients prefer same-day surgery at an ASC to a hospital outpatient department, according to a July 8 Leapfrog survey.

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