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Equipment Finance Options for Healthcare Providers
Key Equipment Finance
Technology advancements are helping ambulatory surgery centers improve patient care and increase throughput, yet uncertainty in the healthcare sector is causing many providers to take a wait-and-see approach to adding or upgrading equipment. A recent survey shows that 87% of healthcare managers consider budget and cash flow concerns to be a major hurdle when it comes to obtaining new equipment.

Equipment financing may be the answer. This white paper explains how financing new technology can help healthcare providers grow their practices while conserving cash. Read more for real-world examples of providers finding financing options that allow for deferred payment so the revenue generated from new equipment can be used to make the payments on that same equipment, and how one physician used financing to equip a new imaging center with state-of-the-art technology to meet the needs of an underserved New York neighborhood.
Download the whitepaper here.

Title: Lumbar Spinal Stenosis - Observations, Evidence, and Trends Fulfilling the Unmet Clinical Needs
Paradigm Spine
Spine stabilization, which has equated to fusion historically, does help preoperative back pain after open surgical decompression; however, at what cost? Evidence is now showing simple decompression alone may not be enough for high levels of patient reported (VAS) back pain noted before spinal decompressive surgery for lumbar spinal stenosis. A recent new PMA approval suggests an alternative to spinal fusion for patients undergoing decompression for spinal stenosis that stabilizes facets, improves postoperative back pain, and requires less recovery after surgical decompression – The coflex® Interlaminar Stabilization™ device. Click here to access this whitepaper.

Title: What are the Top ASC Employee Discipline Problems?
Source: MedHQ

Employee discipline is the top HR concern for ASC managers—that’s what MedHQ uncovered in a survey last year. But what discipline problems in particular are giving them the most trouble?

MedHQ surveyed nearly 50 surgery center managers to answer that question, and the results are in this white paper—along with strategies for neutralizing the problems. These disciple issues cost surgery centers thousands of dollars annually, making this white paper a must-read for anyone who manages staff in a surgery center. Download the whitepaper 

vantage logo smTitle: On-Demand Cataract Surgery Solutions: Six Secrets to Saving Thousands!
Source: Vantage Outsourcing
On-demand cataract surgery solutions, also known as cataract outsourcing, bring major benefits to ASC facilities and their staff. Facilities utilizing cataract outsourcing not only save money and improve productivity, they also tap into the knowledge and expertise offered by the experienced technicians, support team and other professionals provided by the outsourcing company. Physicians, operating staff, and administrative personnel appreciate the multi-faceted benefits of on-demand cataract surgery solutions. Download the whitepaper here.

Title: ASC Ownership: White Paper for Prospective ASC Investors
HealthCare Appraisers, Inc. 
Efficient patient throughput, competitive pricing, and high quality outcomes have contributed to the enduring and disruptive business model of ASCs.  However, the benefits and virtues of ASC ownership are not effortless.  ASC operators and owners are ultimately accountable for a litany of regulatory, governance, and quality improvement responsibilities.. Download the whitepaper here.


sm cerner logoTitle: Ambulatory Surgery Center Survival in the New Health Care Era
Source: Cerner 
Implementing an electronic documentation system in your ASC should mean more than just converting from pen to computer. It is becoming increasingly clear that ASCs can no longer avoid conversion from paper documentation to electronic documentation if they are to survive in the new health and care delivery models designed to crush the silos. Download the whitepaper here.

Eliminating the Drama & Risk Exposure Caused by Under-Performing Employees
Source: MedHQ

MedHQ recently surveyed surgery center managers about their biggest HR concerns—and the results may surprise you. Learn what the survey found and best practices in human resources—that can save the average center approximately $250,000 every year—in this whitepaper from the only company that specializes exclusively in surgery center and physician practice Human Resources, MedHQ. Download the whitepaper here.

Title: Solving the Patient Payment Conundrum - Reducing Accounts Receivable Days while Improving the Patient Experience
Source: Billing Tree

This is an exciting yet challenging time for healthcare revenue cycle management. One reality remains evident - patients will continue to pay more out of pocket for healthcare services, regardless of their status with public or private payers. This whitepaper explores Patient Payment Portals and how new technology is helping healthcare providers meet the pressing challenges of reducing bad debt by improving patient billing and collection. Learn more about the state of the patient’s role in healthcare revenue cycle management and a vision of where things may be headed and how you may need to adapt as a PCP, group, facility, hospital, clinic, specialty or lab. Download the whitepaper here.

Comparison of MetriCide® OPA Plus Solution and Cidex® OPA Solution Use Properties
Source: Metrex

The properties of MetriCide OPA Plus Solution, a high-level disinfecting solution, are compared to Cidex OPA Solution with regards to composition, reuse stability and reuse costs in a legally marketed automated endoscope reprocessor (AER) system, use stability, safety, efficacy and materials compatibility. This whitepaper discusses:

How MetriCide OPA Plus achieves more equipment treatments over a 14-day use period
How you can achieve more cycles with MetriCide OPA Plus than Cidex OPA
How you can realize a cost savings for your facility with MetriCide OPA Plus

Download the whitepaper here.

Title: Why Cloud Computing Makes Sense for Ambulatory Surgery Centers

Source: Source Medical

As an industry, healthcare institutions have traditionally invested in technology at a rate which is far less than other sectors of the economy. The reason for this is simple: Technology expenses in healthcare have traditionally had little impact on the ability to grow revenues. However, being able to shift IT costs from a capital expense to an operational expense is a game changer for the industry and one of the primary reasons cloud computing is so compelling. This whitepaper describes the benefits cloud computing offers to the healthcare industry, in particular ASCs. Download the whitepaper here.


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