137 ASC women leaders to know | 2015

190 gastroenterologists to know | 2015

14 ASCs taking on price transparency

2 organizations with effective hand hygiene protocols

4 ASCs offering pediatric orthopedics programs

5 physician adventurers to know

3 ASCs utilizing patient navigation tools

4 ASC physicians involved in politics

5 ASC nurse leaders to know

5 ASC organizations with great cost-cutting strategies

3 rural ASCs to know

156 ASC industry physician leaders to know

Breaking boundaries: 2 international partnerships in the ASC industry

6 ASCs that aced accreditation surveys

3 ASC physician authors

16 ASCs with 4+ operating rooms

16 ASCs focusing on sports medicine

16 ASCs with pediatrics programs

Total joints in action: 20 ASCs offering total knee replacement

17 ASCs offering total hip replacement