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  1. Institute of Medicine releases new report on patient safety: 3 key points

    The Institute of Medicine released a new addition in a series of reports on patient safety, according to MedCity News.  By Megan Wood -
  2. Evidera's Evalytica software offers healthcare data analysis: 4 things to know

    Evidera, a provider of evidence-based solutions in healthcare, created Evalytica, a cloud-based software platform for healthcare data analysis.  By Megan Wood -
  3. Underestimated cause of bone & joint infections needs to be treated aggressively: 6 things to know from new research

    According to new research, Staphylococcus lugdunensis is underestimated as a cause of hospital-acquired bone and joint infection and should be treated aggressively, according to a Medscape report.  By Anuja Vaidya -

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  1. Researchers find link between virus and cancerous tumors — 5 things to know

    Researchers at Danbury (Conn.) Hospital analyzed data from the National Cancer Institute's Cancer Genome Atlas to conduct the first mapping of viral microRNAs among billions of microRNA sequences within cancer and adjacent normal tissues. The findings indicated that the Epstein-Barr virus is linked with solid tumors, according to Danbury Daily Voice.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. Nutritional deficiencies prevalent in 20%+ of bariatric patients: 5 insights

    Multiple nutritional deficiencies are pervasive in this preoperative bariatric cohort, according to a study published in Obesity Surgery.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  3. CDC devises a more effective flu vaccine — 5 notes

    Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, discusses the updated flu vaccine, according to The Washington Post.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  4. Magellan Health honored for online excellence: 4 takeaways

    Health Information Resource Center's Digital Health Awards recognized Magellan Health, headquartered in Scottsdale, Ariz., for its impressive online resources.  By Megan Wood -

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  1. More Americans getting stung by shingles — 6 takeaways

    The numbers of adults receiving shingles vaccination are falling, with many Americans not deeming the vaccination a priority, according to PBS Newshour.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. Medfusion Plus app digitizes healthcare records on patients' phones: 5 takeaways

    Medfusion, a Cary, N.C.-based patient engagement platform, designed Medfusion Plus app.  By Megan Wood -
  3. Inovalon & University of Maryland enter partnership to address healthcare issues: 5 key notes

    Inovalon, a technology company developing cloud data analytics in healthcare, will enter a partnership with The Center of Health Information and Decision Systems at the University of Maryland's Robert H. Smith School of Business, to research digital solutions for healthcare.  By Megan Wood -
  4. ASCs are changing the way healthcare looks at surgery

    In a recent blog post, Somnia Anesthesia focuses on how ambulatory surgery centers are becoming more popular and profitable with patients and Medicare.  By Staff -
  1. Researchers manipulate genes to create immunity to parasites — 5 takeaways

    Researchers from the University of Virginia School of Medicine and the University of Colorado found changing the human body's landscape is a viable new strategy to remove the mechanism that enables pathogens to cause disease, according to UVA Today.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  2. National Patient Safety Foundation adds Amy Edmondson & Charles Vincent: 5 key notes

    The National Patient Safety Foundation's Lucian Leape Institute named Charles Vincent and Amy C. Edmondson, PhD, to its membership.  By Megan Wood -
  3. Walgreens partners with Alegus to encourage healthy lifestyles — 5 takeaways

    Waltham, Mass.-based Alegeus partnered with Walgreens to offer customers wellness rewards for healthy behavior, according to Healthcare Payer News.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  4. Tackling medical errors with law: 6 things to know about New York Law School's new patient safety program

    New York Law School created the Patient Safety Project, co-directed by Steven E. Pegalis of Pegalis and Erickson law firm, and Irwin R. Merkatz, MD.  By Megan Wood -
  5. CDC, FDA release medical device reprocessing advisory: 3 takeaways

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. FDA released an advisory notice on proper medical device management and disinfection for reusable medical devices.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  6. ICAAC teams up with ICC to prevent infections — 5 facts

    Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy and the International Congress of Chemotherapy are working on a program to enhance the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of infectious disease around the world, according to Medscape.  By Mary Rechtoris -
  7. Smart-ER technology enhances patient engagement: 4 notes

    Technology company Smart-ER designed PersonalResponse, a mobile technology that engages patients by inquiring about their experiences after an ambulatory care visit.  By Megan Wood -
  8. Chipotle labeled as culprit in Minnesota salmonella outbreak: 5 things to know

    At least 45 cases of salmonella infection cases have been reported in Minnesota, according to Food Safety News.  By Megan Wood -
  9. Alzheimer's disease may be infectious — 5 takeaways

    Researchers found Alzheimer's disease may be transmitted from one person to another during specific medical procedures, according to The Independent.  By Mary Rechtoris -

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