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  1. Canadian Study Suggests Higher Cost Healthcare Leads to Better Outcomes

    A study performed in Canada suggests more expensive healthcare may lead to better patient outcomes, which is in stark contrast to research in the U.S., according to a Patriot-News report.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on the Canadian study on healthcare utilization. By Jaimie Oh -
  2. More Than 1K Sentinel Events Reported to Joint Commission in 2011

    A report of sentinel events reviewed by The Joint Commission reveals unintended retention of a foreign object (188 events) and wrong-patient/wrong-site/wrong-procedure (152 events) were the most frequently occurring categories of sentinel events for 2011.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on The Joint Commission summary on sentinel events. By Jaimie Oh -
  3. Is It True You Can't Use Multiple Dose Vials Anymore?

    Occasionally, on an accreditation review, the AORN and ASA position of not using multiple dose vials in the operating room is commented on. At this junction, this is a recommendation — not a regulation.  By Sheldon S. Sones, RPh, FASCP -
  1. National Study Focuses on Frontline Staff, Outcomes

    Fifteen healthcare organizations, including Loma Linda University Medical Center, will participate in a national study designed to study how improvements in frontline care can boost patient outcomes.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on the Small Troubles, Adaptive Responses (STAR-2): Frontline Nurse Engagement in Quality Improvement study. By Jaimie Oh -
  2. Increased Colonoscopies Could Negatively Affect Quality

    Researchers from Mount Sinai Medical Center found 92.3 percent of survey respondents indicated production pressures, such as heightened demand for colonoscopies, rising overhead or shrinking reimbursement rates, resulted in physicians postponing, aborting or reducing the extent of a colonoscopy procedure.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on Mount Sinai Medical Center's research. By Jaimie Oh -
  3. FDA Releases Draft Guidance for Timely Evaluation of Drug Safety Issues

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released draft guidance, which seeks to establish a framework for classifying significant postmarketing drug safety issues as priority, standard or emergency for timely resolution.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on the FDA's draft guidance. By Jaimie Oh -
  4. American College of Surgeons Forum Highlights Surgical Safety

    The American College of Surgeons hosted its fourth annual Surgical Health Care Quality Forum, where leaders convened to discuss surgical quality improvement programs that increase healthcare value. Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on the Surgical Health Care Quality Forum. By Jaimie Oh -
  1. Mississippi Committee Rejects Bill Requiring Providers to Video Record Surgical Procedures

    The House Public Health and Human Services Committee and the Judiciary A Committee has rejected proposed legislation that would have required Mississippi healthcare providers to video record all surgical procedures.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on the Mississippi bill. By Jaimie Oh -
  2. Surgical Smoke Control Compliance May Be Inadequate

    Results from the survey showed compliance with some surgical smoke control practices has increased; however, compliance with other control measures has been mixed, suggesting a need for interventions to boost compliance, according to a study published in the AORN Journal.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on surgical smoke control. By Jaimie Oh -
  3. Double Gloving More Beneficial Than Single Gloving

    Researchers found a higher incidence of blood on hands after surgery with single gloving than double gloving, suggesting double gloving may provide additional protection against transmission of bloodborne pathogens during surgery, according to research published in the AORN Journal.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on bloodborne pathogen transmission. By Jaimie Oh -
  4. Healthcare Forum Highlights Medical Interpreter Services

    The 6th Annual National Medical Interpreter Certification Forum will take place in Tulsa, Okla., on April 30.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on the medical certification forum. By Jaimie Oh -
  1. Staff Education Tool: Use Sharps With Safety Features Poster

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention offers a free, downloadable poster intended to encourage staff members to use sharps with safety features.  By Jaimie Oh -
  2. Patient Safety Tool: PowerPoint Presentation for Hand Hygiene Education

    The Hand Hygiene Resource Centers offers two free, downloadable PowerPoint presentations designed to educate healthcare providers on hand hygiene. By Jaimie Oh -
  3. Rhode Island Has Highest Number of C. Diff-Related Deaths in 2007

    According to data released by Extending the Cure, C. difficile led to 8.2 deaths for every 100,000 people in Rhode Island, according to a Bangor Daily News report.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on C. difficile. By Jaimie Oh -
  4. IDSA Proposes New Approval Pathway for Antibiotics

    The Infectious Diseases Society of America proposed a new approval option for companies interested in developing drugs to treat patients with serious infections where few or no treatment options exist.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on IDSA's proposal to the House Energy and Commerce Committee Subcommittee on Health. By Jaimie Oh -
  5. UVa, Nursing Association Issue Call to Action on Needlestick Safety

    The University of Virginia Health System and the American Nursing Association has issued a call intended to boost protection of healthcare workers from exposure to bloodborne diseases.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on needlestick safety. By Jaimie Oh -
  6. Oral Care With Chlorhexidine Associated With Decreased Risk of VAP

    Researchers have concluded use of antiseptics, such as chlorhexidine, during oral care reduced the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia, according to research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on ventilator-associated pneumonia. By Jaimie Oh -
  7. Tennessee Hospital Donates Bedside Bibles for Infection Prevention

    Gateway Medical Center in Clarksville, Tenn., has donated all its bedside Bibles and will now give patients brand new Bibles upon request to boost infection prevention efforts, according to a Leaf Chronicle report.Read the full report in Becker's Hospital Review on Gateway Medical Center. By Jaimie Oh -
  8. Patient Safety Tool: Novant Health Hand Hygiene Marketing Kit

    Novant Health, based in Winston-Salem, N.C., offers a free hand hygiene marketing toolkit, designed to help healthcare providers improve hand hygiene among patients and personnel.  By Jaimie Oh -
  9. Patient Education Tool: AHRQ's Medication Tracking Tool in Spanish

    The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality offers a free, downloadable brochure to educate Spanish-speaking patients on how to manage medications safety.  By Jaimie Oh -

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