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  • Payer partnerships: how to move spine & total joints from hospitals to ASCs

    At the 12th Annual Spine, Orthopedic and Pain Management Driven ASC Conference in Chicago on June 12, I. Naya Kehayes, MPH, managing principal and CEO of EVEIA HEALTH Consulting and Management, and Anna Gimble, vice president of ancillary contracting west with UnitedHealthcare, discussed how ASC leaders can partner with payers to shift spine and total joint procedures from the hospital to the ASC setting. 
  • AmSurg 2Q revenue up, Northstar Healthcare leadership appointments & more — 5 recent key notes on ASC companies

    Here are five recent news updates on ambulatory surgery center companies. 
  • Orthopedics-driven ASC payer mix: 12 statistics

    Here are 12 statistics on payer mix at orthopedics-driven ambulatory surgery centers according to the VMG Multi-Specialty ASC Intellimarker 2012. 
  • 4 evolving giants in the ASC industry

    In a time of uncertainty and turmoil in the ASC industry, these four ASC management and development company leaders have kept the outlooks for their companies strong, pursuing aggressive development strategies, aligning themselves with other innovative healthcare leaders and keeping their vision turned toward the future to capitalize on emerging ASC business trends. 
  • ASC key specialty: 14 statistics on GI/endoscopy-driven revenue in ASCs

    Gastroenterology/endoscopy procedures are 27 percent of the total ambulatory surgery center case volume, 10 percent larger than the second ASC key specialty ophthalmology, according to VMG Health's 2012 Intellimarker Ambulatory Surgical Center Financial & Operational Benchmarking Study. Here are 14 statistics on GI/endoscopy revenue in surgery centers. 
  • Website to publish Colorado ASC prices before year's end

    The non-profit Center for Improving Value in Health Care has launched a website that allows consumers to compare hospital prices, according to a Fierce Health Finance report. 
  • 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Monday

    Here are seven news updates for ambulatory surgery center industry leaders to know for August 4, 2014. 
  • 5 recently planned or opened ASCs

    Here are five ambulatory surgery centers that have been announced, opened or expanded within the past month. 
  • ASC branding: 7 tips to leverage low-cost online resources

    There is no doubt that we live in a hyper-connected world where Google holds the key to most questions. In this age, does it make good business sense for ambulatory surgery centers to ignore the World Wide Web? 
  • The road to ASC financial success: 10 supply chain cost-cutting strategies

    Running an ambulatory surgery center often revolves around expecting the unexpected. There are several factors that administrators cannot control, however there is one factor they can: supply spend. "Reimbursement is fixed but cost is a variable you have control over," says Joshua Billstein, a board member of the Washington Ambulatory Surgery Association and practice manager at The Polyclinic in Seattle. 
  • 11 ASCs adding spine, orthopedic procedures

    Here are 11 ambulatory surgery centers that have added or will soon add spine and orthopedic procedures.  
  • Preparing your ASC for a transaction – Valuation 101

    Over the years I have given numerous discussions on valuation and valuation trends within the ASC industry. 
  • 3 innovative quality improvement project ideas for ASCs

    Quality improvement is never done. The process requires dedication to excellence, attention to detail, great recordkeeping and employee willingness to take on new responsibilities and adhere to new policies. The following are three innovative quality improvement initiatives from ASCs striving to foster excellence alongside evolution in their practices. 
  • 4 smartest things ASC owners do today: Preparing for sale

    When physicians decide to open an ASC, business success is top of mind. Conducting present business in a way that maximizes future business, however, is a priority that can escape those who are not extremely planful. Here are four of the smartest things ASC owners can do today to maximize future gains from the sale or transfer of various parts of their business. 
  • Hiring & firing: what gastroenterologists need to know about finding a stellar staff

    A physician's staff members are the face of their practice. They are patients' first point of contact and guide them through the entire process of care. A colorectal surgeon and gastroenterologist discuss what GI physicians need to look for to establish an efficient, effective staff.   
  • 100 ASC & physician practice coding, billing & revenue cycle tips

    Financial management is essential to overall ambulatory surgery center and physician practice health. Here are 100 tips from various industry experts on billing, coding, collections, electronic health records, ICD-10, new payment models and revenue cycle management. 
  • How ASCs can take advantage of local partnerships

    Being a freestanding ASC is getting harder and harder. Between shrinking reimbursements, narrowing networks and a dwindling pool of available physician recruits, the surgery centers that are surviving — and doing it well — seem to have one thing in common: partnerships. 
  • ASC physician succession planning in uncertain times: critical thoughts for the future

    Modern healthcare is arguably in the midst of its greatest period of change, and change is a two-sided coin. One side represents the opportunity to evolve for the better, while the other signifies upheaval and an ambiguous road ahead. How can physicians plan for their future and that of their ambulatory surgery centers when so much remains uncertain? 
  • How could midterm elections impact ASCs?

    On Capitol Hill, ASCs are the little guy. The hospital lobby is powerful, and though the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act has thrown some bones to the ASC industry lately, the ASC position in Washington, D.C., is at times precarious. 
  • AmSurg revenue up 5%: 7 Q2 financial report highlights

    AmSurg has reported its second quarter financial results. Here are seven significant points to know.  

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