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  1. 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Monday

    Here are seven news updates for ambulatory surgery center leaders to know for Nov. 3, 2014.  By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. ASC anesthesia relationships under attack

    There is an evolving controversy brewing and picking up steam as to anesthesia relationships with ASCs. Here, the issues focus around when ASCs and their owners can profit from or be the providers of anesthesia.  By Scott Becker, JD, CPA -
  3. Medicare inspections & survey readiness: Key concepts for success

    One of the biggest concerns for ambulatory surgery center operators is Medicare inspections and accreditation survey readiness. By Laura Dyrda -

Successful approach to implementing EHR solutions

For tips on a successful approach to selecting and implementing the right solutions when considering an EHR, legislation updates, economic impact, and electronic record options are just a few of the items that should be considered.
  1. Streamlining the Life Safety Code® Survey

    The first step in streamlining an ASC’s Medicare survey for Life Safety Code® (LSC) compliance is to understand where requirements come from, and that is the CMS "State Operations Manual, Appendix L – Guidance for Surveyors: Ambulatory Surgical Centers."  The State Operations Manual (SOM) document is updated periodically, so organizations should check the CMS web site for the most recent version on a regular basis.  The current version, as of this writing is "(Rev. 99, 01-31-14)." By William E. Lindeman, AIA, President/WEL Designs PLC, Physical Environment Consultant to AAAHC -
  2. Top 10 common physician credentialing mistakes ASCs make

    At the Becker's ASC 21st Annual Meeting — The Business and Operations of ASCs, Oct. 23 to 25, in Chicago, Sharon Kimbrough, CPCS, CPMSM, manager, medical staff services and credentialing at Surgical Care Affiliates, discussed the importance of physician credentialing as well as inherent challenges.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  3. Financial leadership playbook: The essential skills for a CFO in gastroenterology

    What qualities does a successful CFO in the gastroenterology field need to cultivate? By Carrie Pallardy -
  4. 10 ASCs with 15+ physician owners

    Here are 10 ambulatory surgery centers with 15 or more physician owners.  By Carrie Pallardy and Anuja Vaidya -

Maximizing out-of-network reimbursements

As providers survey the landscape today, there aren't many opportunities to improve profitability. You have little control over the rates in your managed care contracts, and no control over Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates. Out-of-network represents a last, great opportunity for many providers to improve profitability.
  1. 5 new ASCs opened, announced in October

    The following are five new ambulatory surgery centers that have been opened or announced in October. By Ellie Rizzo -
  2. Where's the best place to be a surgeon? The answer may surprise you

    For surgeons living in Kansas, there's no place like home. When adjusting for the cost of living, surgeons in Kansas make more than their counterparts in any other state, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. By Ellie Rizzo -
  3. 5 must-reads for the forward-thinking gastroenterology leader

    Here are five articles for gastroenterologists to read in preparation for the future of GI. By Carrie Pallardy -
  4. Dr. Lawrence Kosinski: 4 thoughts on the future of gastroenterology

    Is the road ahead for the gastroenterology field bright or dark? Lawrence Kosinski, MD, MBA, AGAF, managing partner of Illinois Gastroenterology Group in Elgin, offers insight into four key components on the future of GI.     By Carrie Pallardy -
  1. Is your office culture killing or helping revenue? 3 ways to find out

    In an Oct. 16 webinar hosted by Becker's Healthcare, Billie Reese-Turner, director of client services for in2itive Business Solutions, discussed how physician practices, surgery centers and other healthcare providers can create a foundation to generate more revenue. By Molly Gamble -
  2. Novel techniques for managing postoperative pain following orthopedic and spinal procedures performed in ambulatory setting

    At the 21st Annual Becker's ASC Conference in Chicago on Oct. 25, Peter G. Whang, MD, FACS, Associate Professor at the Spine Service Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at Yale University School of Medicine, shared new techniques for managing postoperative pain following orthopedic spinal procedures performed at ASCs.  By Shannon Barnet -
  3. Best ideas for increasing ASC visibility to physicians and patients

    At the 21st Annual Becker's ASC Conference in Chicago on Oct. 25, a panel of healthcare industry experts debated some of the best methods of increasing ASC visibility to both physicians and patients.  By Shannon Barnet -
  4. Transparency in ASC pricing - Why and how does it help?

    At the 21st Annual Becker's ASC Conference in Chicago on Oct. 24, Keith Smith, MD, Board-Certified Anesthesiologist and founder of the Oklahoma City-based Surgery Center of Oklahoma, revealed why transparency in ASC pricing is an absolute must.  By Shannon Barnet -
  5. How to impact revenue and profitability in the changing GI endoscopy market

    At the 21st Annual Becker's ASC Conference in Chicago on Oct. 24, a panel of healthcare industry experts discussed a few of the best ways to impact revenue and profitability in today's every-changing GI endoscopy market.  By Shannon Barnet -
  6. ASC outlook: Challenges 10 months and 10 years down the line

    At the Becker's ASC 21st Annual Meeting in Chicago on Oct. 23, Linda Ruterbories, director of surgical services at Portland, Maine-based OA Centers of Orthopaedics, and Mary Ryan, administrator of the Tri-State Surgery Center in Dubuque, Iowa, discussed hurdles the ambulatory surgical center industry will face 10 months and 10 years into the future. Ellie Rizzo, lead editor with Becker's ASC Review, moderated the discussion.  By Emily Rappleye -
  7. 2 tips for ENT coding & billing

    Here are two tips for coding and billing common ENT procedures. By Carrie Pallardy -
  8. Infection control at ASCs: Big trends and topics heading into 2015

    At Becker's ASC 21st Annual Meeting, Becky Ziegler-Otis, administrator of Surgical Center of Stevens Point (Wis.), Lynne Stoldt, administrative director of Melbourne (Fla.) Same Day Surgery and Melbourne GI Center, Michelle George, vice president of clinical services at Surgical Care Affiliates and Vicki Schultz, president of Texas Health Women's Specialty Surgery Center of Dallas, discussed the benefits of adopting an online preoperative screening program and the criteria their centers used when creating a system or selecting a vendor partner. By Laura Dyrda -
  9. Established physician salary: How does gastroenterology stack up against other specialties?

    How much do physicians earn after establishing their practices? Here are 51 statistics on national average compensation after six years practicing, according to PROFILES The Online Database of Graduating Physicians' 2013-2014 Physician Salary Survey. By Carrie Pallardy -