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  1. GI practice 10 years from now: 6 gastroenterologists forecast the future of the specialty

    The future is difficult to predict, particularly in a field as mercurial as healthcare, but looking ahead is a necessary exercise in survival. Six gastroenterologists cast their eyes down the road and paint a picture of what the specialty could look like a decade from now.  By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. 7 things for gastroenterologists to know for today – March 6, 2015

    Here are seven news updates for gastroenterologists to know for March 6, 2015. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. GI/endoscopy company stock report – March 6, 2015

    Here is a stock report on five publicly traded GI/endoscopy companies for March 2 to March 6.  By Carrie Pallardy -

Patient payment processes, challenges

Every facility handles patient payment processes, challenges and technologies differently. Let us know how your facility faces these challenges, and receive a $15 Amazon card!
  1. FDA addresses lack of 510(k) clearance for scopes tied to 'superbug' infections

    This week, the FDA released an updated statement on duodenoscopes and associated risk of infection.    By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. in2itive names Brandi Chesney director of revenue management

    Brandi Chesney recently became in2itive's new director of revenue cycle management.  By Laura Dyrda -
  3. Salary, benefits, hours per case & more: 139 statistics on ASC staffing

    Employee salary and wages account for an average of 23.5 percent of an ambulatory surgery center's operating expenses, according to VMG Health's 2012 Intellimarker Ambulatory Surgical Center Financial & Operational Benchmarking Study. Here are statistics on ASC staff to know. By Carrie Pallardy -
  4. 5 of the biggest challenges in healthcare that are opportunities for ASCs

    Ambulatory surgery centers face several challenges this year, but there are opportunities for growth and success.  By Laura Dyrda -

Maximize ASC performance with HR outsourcing 

Labor costs are an ambulatory surgery center’s single biggest expense. Managing personnel matters also can become an all-consuming task that distracts from an ASC’s ability to serve its patients at 100 percent.
  1. 6 hospitals, health systems planning or opening ASCs – March 5, 2015

    Here are six hospitals and health systems that have opened or are announced plans to open ambulatory surgery centers within the past month. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Thursday – March 5, 2015

    Here are seven news updates for ambulatory surgery center leaders to know for March 5, 2015. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. Kansas physicians developing freestanding surgery, heart center

    A group of Wichita, Kan., cardiologists have partnered to establish a freestanding heart and surgery center, according to a Wichita Business Journal report. By Carrie Pallardy -
  4. More hospitals report 'superbug' outbreaks

    A number of other hospitals reported outbreaks of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae in the wake of the report of seven CRE cases and two patient deaths from Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. By Carrie Pallardy -
  1. 5 recent ASC industry leadership moves – March 5, 2015

    Here are five ambulatory surgery center industry leaders who recently took on new roles.  By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. FDA clears 4 GI/endoscopy devices in February

    Here are four gastroenterology and endoscopy devices that received FDA 510(k) clearance in February. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. UCLA patient sues Olympus, Boston Scientific product earns FDA clearance & more – 6 GI/endoscopy company key notes

    Here are six recent news updates on gastroenterology and endoscopy companies. By Carrie Pallardy -
  4. 50%+ healthcare, pharma employees say their organizations do not make data protection a priority

    More than half of U.S. healthcare and pharmaceutical employees believe that their organizations do not place a high priority on the protection of sensitive data, according to a survey by the Ponemon Institute.  By Anuja Vaidya -
  5. 74% of physicians expect Congress to overturn PPACA

    Nearly three-quarters, 74 percent, of physicians would expect Congress to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, according to January 2015 survey. By Carrie Pallardy -
  6. Dr. Henry Lee joins The Eye Care & Surgery Center in New Jersey

    Henry Lee, MD, facial reconstructive surgeon, has joined The Eye Care & Surgery Center in Westfield, N.J. By Carrie Pallardy -
  7. In wake of 'superbug' cases ECRI Institute advises culturing duodenoscopes to cut risk of infection

    The ECRI Institute has issued a High Priority Hazard Report in response to recent outbreaks of carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae linked to duodenoscopes used during ERCP. By Carrie Pallardy -
  8. Columbus Eye Surgery Center's Dr. Robert Derick provides charitable care in Nicaragua

    Columbus Eye Surgery Center's Robert Derick, MD, recently returned from a medical mission trip in Nicaragua, according to an AmSurg report. By Laura Dyrda -
  9. Healthcare reform dangles on the edge: Supreme Court hears King v. Burwell today

    The Supreme Court is hearing King v. Burwell today, which could have a huge impact on the healthcare industry. By Laura Dyrda -


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