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  1. Does Medicare reimbursement favor surgeons?

    It is a widely held perception that Medicare reimbursement favors surgeons and physicians that perform procedures over physicians who do not. But, a recent study published in the Annals of Surgery may dispel that common assumption, according to a Science Codex report. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. 5 recent ASC industry leadership moves

    Here are five ambulatory surgery center industry leaders who recently took on new roles. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Thursday

    Here are seven news updates for ambulatory surgery center leaders to know for Sept. 25, 2014. By Carrie Pallardy -

EHR in ASCs: big trends emerging

Electronic health records are revolutionizing health care delivery at hospitals and physician offices. Now ambulatory surgery centers are seeing the benefits of EHR technology and are searching for the appropriate technology for their site.
  1. 7 reasons strategy could be a thing of the past

    With change and disruption on shorter timescales becoming commonplace in business, strategic planning may be on its way out in the form it currently takes — planning for long periods of time. Here are seven reasons the marketplace is forcing business strategy to change, adapted from an article from Forbes. By Ellie Rizzo -
  2. Six Sigma methodology can improve ASC cash flow, patient satisfaction

    When Jack Welch took over General Electric Co. in 1981, the Conn.-based firm's annual revenues were roughly $27 billion. By the time he left it two decades later, GE's revenues had reached almost $130 billion and its stock price had grown by 4,000 percent. By Michael Rock, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Vice President, Operations, National Medical Billing Services -
  3. Anti-addiction groups call for resignation of FDA chief over opioid policies

    More than a dozen anti-addiction activist groups have submitted a letter to HHS Secretary Sylvia Burwell calling for the resignation of Margaret Hamburg, MD, U.S. FDA Commissioner in light of her policies on opioids, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. By Ellie Rizzo -
  4. 6 things to know about colonoscopy cost & what a reimbursement cut would mean

    Colonoscopy has come under attack as an unnecessarily expensive procedure and much of the public scrutiny has focused on payment to physicians. But, should physicians be paid less for the procedure? By Carrie Pallardy -

Maximizing out-of-network reimbursements

As providers survey the landscape today, there aren't many opportunities to improve profitability. You have little control over the rates in your managed care contracts, and no control over Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates. Out-of-network represents a last, great opportunity for many providers to improve profitability.
  1. 10 things to know about ophthalmology

    Here are 10 things to know about ophthalmology procedures and ophthalmologists in the United States. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. How safe is outpatient surgery? 3 statistics

    The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities has released statistics on patient safety in outpatient facilities from analysis of 15 years of AAAASF data on outcomes and procedures for more than 12 million cases. By Ellie Rizzo -
  3. 5 core QI plan components

    Quality improvement requires close attention for success. Here are five core components of a quality improvement plan from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement Blog. By Ellie Rizzo -
  4. 8 critical healthcare law issues for ASCs

    In an Aug. 26 webinar hosted by Becker's ASC Review, National Medical Billing Services President Lisa Rock and NMBS Director of Legislative Research and Advocacy Diana Hilliard, JD, discussed eight of the most pressing legal issues for ambulatory surgery centers. By Carrie Pallardy -
  1. U.S. Multi-Society Task Force agrees good bowel prep is essential to high-quality colonoscopy

    The U.S. Multi-Society Task Force on Colorectal Cancer has released new consensus guidelines that link good bowel preparation to high-quality colonoscopy. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. AmSurg stock price target raised to $65, MFC dividend & more – 5 recent ASC company key notes

    Here are five recent news updates on ambulatory surgery center companies. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. 10 trends in knee arthroscopy reimbursement & coding

    A group of physicians and researchers examined the financial impact of third-party reimbursement as the definition for the ICD-9 arthroscopy code changed over time and published their results in The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery. By Laura Dyrda -
  4. Supply management optimization: ASC challenges & solutions

    Supply chain expenses are one of two biggest expense categories for ambulatory surgery centers. While managing the supply chain can be a tricky proposition, supply chain challenges don't have to be status quo in your surgery center. By Ellie Rizzo -
  5. 6 foundational components to determining startup success

    Founding a business, especially one with as many regulatory requirements as an ASC, takes a deep understanding of markets, business and the ins-and-outs of the industry. Avoiding flying blind as much as possible insures ASCs have a better chance of success as they grow from infancy to maturity. By Ellie Rizzo -
  6. 5 must-reads for new ASC physician owners

    Here are five articles for new ambulatory surgery center physician owners to read on important aspects of opening and operating a new ASC. By Carrie Pallardy -
  7. Morcellator still popular, despite FDA's cautions over cancer

    While the Food and Drug Administration issued an April warning about the risk of spreading undetected cancer through morcellation, some physicians and practices continue to use the device, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. By Ellie Rizzo -
  8. AmSurg's femtosecond lasers pilot shows patient flow, efficiency trends: 5 findings

    Management and development company AmSurg's push to equip its partner centers with femtosecond lasers for cataract surgeries has revealed several important things about the long-term use of the tool, according to a post on the AmSurg Leadership Blog. By Ellie Rizzo -
  9. Wisconsin payer Group Health Cooperative to cover Cologuard

    Group Health Cooperative will become the first health plan in Wisconsin to cover Cologuard, a noninvasive stool DNA colorectal cancer screening test. By Carrie Pallardy -