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  1. University of Rochester Medicine to open ASC in August

    In August, University of Rochester (N.Y.) Medicine will open an ambulatory surgery center and Strong West Emergency in Brockport, N.Y., according to a Democrat & Chronicle report. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. Putting the 10-year follow-up colonoscopy guideline to the test: 5 things to know

    In a recent study published in the journal Gastroenterology researchers put forth the idea that the 10-year interval recommendation between colonoscopy screenings for average risk patients can have negative results. The researchers set out to determine the outcomes for repeat colonoscopies performed within less than 10 years after the initial screening. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. 18 statistics on payer mix by ASC size

    Here are 18 statistics on ambulatory surgery center payer mix based on the number of operating rooms, according to VMG Health's 2012 Intellimarker Ambulatory Surgical Center Financial & Operational Benchmarking Study. By Carrie Pallardy -

Improving patient value & outcomes 

Doctor Richard Kube and Vincent Zeringue discuss spinal stenosis market opportunity, disease state approach, and other topics for improving patient value and outcomes with effective MIS Spine Technology.  
  1. 6 recent GI field partnerships

    Here are six gastroenterology field partnerships and collaborations that have been announced during the past two months. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. 6 must-reads for ASC turnaround success

    High employee turnover, outdated contracts, disengaged physicians – there are so many reasons an ambulatory surgery center may need a complete turnaround. Here are six must-read articles on ways to fuel a successful business revival. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. 8 endoscopy center administrators to know

    Here are eight endoscopy center administrators to know, included on the Becker's ASC Review list 108 ASC Administrators to Know. By Carrie Pallardy, Laura Dyrda & Ellie Rizzo -
  4. Drs. Harjit Bhogal, Arushi deFonseka join Capital Digestive Care

    Harjit K. Bhogal, MD, and Arushi deFonseka, MD, have joined Capital Digestive Care, based in Washington, D.C. By Carrie Pallardy -

Increasing out-of-network revenue

You need "hands-on, real world" experience to get the right answers. Now, your ASC can benefit from the best practices of scores of other ASCs. 
  1. Partnership pitfall: what happens to ASC software after joint venturing?

    Integration can be a great thing for an ambulatory surgery center. Aligning with a hospital partner can open doors to improved reimbursement, create new physician relationships and reduce fragmented care in a community. But, incompatible differences between hospitals and ASCs remain. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. 7 things for ASC leaders to know for Thursday

    Here are seven news updates for ambulatory surgery center leaders to know for July 24, 2014. By Carrie Pallardy -
  3. 5 ASC industry leadership moves & accomplishments

    Here are five ambulatory surgery center leaders who have recently taken on new roles or received industry recognition. By Carrie Pallardy -
  4. 11 trends facing surgery centers

    The surgery center business has become a much more difficult business over the last several years. This is due to several factors. By Scott Becker, JD, CPA, and Molly Gamble -
  1. 8 ASC real estate transactions in 2014

    Here eight ambulatory surgery center real estate transactions that have occurred this year thus far. By Carrie Pallardy -
  2. Women in the ASC industry: 5 physician leaders to know

    The following are five female physician leaders to know in the ASC industry: By Ellie Rizzo -
  3. Behind Laser Spine Institute's rapid growth: 3 new ASCs in 2014

    Laser Spine Institute will be opening three new ambulatory surgery centers this year, breaking into the Midwestern United States. The new centers are located in Cleveland, St. Louis and Cincinnati, increasing the number of residents residing within 250 miles of a Laser Spine Institute facility by 50 percent. By Laura Dyrda -
  4. 9 ASC joint venture operating agreement issues that make or break the partnership

    Hospital joint ventures are the answer many ambulatory surgery center physicians are turning to in the face of massive change, but the story doesn't end after the deal is struck. Here are nine operating agreement issues standing between a successful joint venture and a failed partnership. By Carrie Pallardy -
  5. 5 articles on successful ASC real estate ownership & transactions

    Here are five articles on ambulatory surgery center real estate ownership, sale and value. By Carrie Pallardy -
  6. 56 statistics on ERCP RVUs & reimbursement

    Here are 56 statistics on RVUs and reimbursement for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, according to Boston Scientific's 2014 Procedural Reimbursement Guide for Endoscopy. By Carrie Pallardy -
  7. Delaware workers comp fee schedule changes: 4 elements affecting ASCs

    Delaware House Bill 373, which is designed to control the state's level of workers' compensation premiums, has been enacted, according to Workers Compensation report. Here are four things to know about the legislation and how it affects ambulatory surgery centers. By Carrie Pallardy -
  8. 4 tips for ASCs to select a business analytics system and streamline collections

    Decreasing reimbursements and rising costs have made it increasingly difficult for ambulatory surgery centers to effectively manage collections. By James Bell, director of business services, High Plains Surgery Center -
  9. 11 gastroenterologists making the news

    Here are new gastroenterologists who made headlines within the past two weeks. By Carrie Pallardy -